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Thread: Tech callabo after K.O.D.???

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    Tech callabo after K.O.D.???

    I saw on one discusion that this is true? any one have any details about it?

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    Dwamn, K.O.D. ain't even out and we're trying to figure out what's next. Shiz. As far as I know, Tech said in an interview that next year there will be another Collabos record. But that is all that's been said. I'm sure the folks at Strange are concentrating on Big Scoob, the DVD, and K.O.D .

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    yes there will be a new collabos , a new kutt calhoun (raw and un - kutt), new prozak (hitchcock of hip hop) and a new brotha lynch hung

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    last time i saw Tech i asked him when he is going to put out a vintage Tech 2 and he said that he needs to get Kabosh done before he does anything else so im guessin Kabosh will be next.

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    Once again, Vintage Tech 2 was supposed to be comprised of tracks that are all released now.

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