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Thread: OT: My "What We Are" Remix

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    OT: My "What We Are" Remix

    This is me and my buddy's version of What We Are (remake of Potluck and Tech's version) I'm the first verse and chorus.

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    dude this is pretty damn sick. great job

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    I appreciate it man.

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    well except for the hella long time that the instrumental runs on after your verses lol but i understand why

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    yeah man, we couldnt find anyone to hop on the 3rd verse, so i just left it and didnt cut it out

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    Good job on the remix, except like i tell my one friend who flows, when theres extra instrumental, just take that time to flow something, dont leave people hanging, you know. But again good job on it.

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    Great job is there other stuff we can check out. Do u have a myspace

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    yeah man, i got a "group" myspace with some of my friends, but to be honest, they aren't very good. I just kind of do it for fun, even though people say I could get well known if I tried. the myspace of our group is

    Here's a couple more songs I attached. In "Want Dis" I'm the First verse, and in "Takeover" im the second verse (the fast one) and the chorus..

    Quote Originally Posted by Techfan
    Great job is there other stuff we can check out. Do u have a myspace

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    This is pretty dope. Nice work! Those other songs are good too.

    Would you like more help getting your music out there? Are you looking for new connections? Would you like some exposure as an artist? Well look no further! Come Over To Nasty Nullities!

    I help run this site and we'd love to have ya over there!

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