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Thread: Hey guys, im really sorry :/ Plz just read this

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    Hey guys, im really sorry :/ Plz just read this

    I did not mean to come off as such an asshole.. im rly a nice guy and i dont wanna seem like im some kind of god and everybody else sux lol. I just get down sumtimes bc to me my music is really great and if only i could get it to your ears, i think you would enjoy it. So again, i do apologize for coming across as such a dick head. Id like to have a fresh start and ask you guys to check out my last 3 cds if you would like, and leave some feedback, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanx, Tec9cians.


    My 2nd cd - SOS (Speed of sound)

    My 3rd cd - Freakshow!

    My 4th cd (Mixtape) - Old school like 8 tracks

    Thanx again guys and if you like what you hear, hit up my youtube, Lyrix12.

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    I don't wana download whole albums, embed 1 youtubed song that you think is your best and I will listen. Remember to embed your best song, so you'll have no reason to doubt the opinions you receive.

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    Ok well here is one. I get nuthin but great reviews on this one. Its hard to just pick one bc i have so many different s. I am the operner of the youtube choppers so i can rap really fast and dope, i also have rock songs and sick dark songs but this is the kind of song i would like to get noticed for making. heartfelt, catchy all that good stuff haha.

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    i like the song you posted below but yea i usually dont download whole albums either, just network and get your music out to more ppl

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    thanx bro i appreciate it. and yeah i try to but its hard when you dont have alot of money to get profesional pics an shit and when you dont conform to what most ppl do lol but i do rly try, and i rly rly appreciate the deefback bro.

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