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Thread: K.O.D. (possibly years in the making)

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    K.O.D. (possibly years in the making)

    Listen to Tech's track called The Rain from his 2006 album, Everready. In the second verse, where Tech and his daughter and talking back and forth to each other, she says, "I heard you wont be home for Halloween, is this true?" Tech replys, "Well, right after Halloween baby...".

    I know that sounds like nothing, but there's more...

    Also, at the end of the song, Tech is talking to his ex-wife and she says, "So, when you comin' home?". He responds and says, "October 27th...".

    K.O.D. is to be released Oct. 27th. Is K.O.D. Tech N9ne's final album?? Has he been trying to send us signs through his music for the past few years? I think Tech knew this day was coming long before it was put into the works.

    Now, The Rain is the only song that's really stuck out in front of me. Please, comment and share any other MUSIC clues that you might know of having to do with K.O.D. and what it might stand for.

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    bro, tech and his chick are no longer a reality.. that aint ever happenin

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    wish Tech would just announce what it means so the lyric detectives can put away the magnifying glasses

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    Tech's is never retiring. He'll eventually slow down on shows and not do big tours anymore but people that really love music don't ever stop making it. Plus Tech said himself "as long as you people buy my music and come to my shows, I aint ever gonna stop"

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    I doubt this. In an interview or two a couple months ago, he said that he hadn't even started K.O.D.

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    tech already announced another callbos album after KOD.

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    Fuckin creep

    Quote Originally Posted by evan
    tech i really hope read this b4 u make me blow my brains out 2 the back of the wallllllll but u should just release it when u want ur spoused 2 be 100% u man ik u have baby daddy dramma but u cant go back on promises u made 2 yourself im sure ur daughter is old enough and wise enough to make her own deciosins im sorry about spelling by the way but ur driving me and the indusrty kkkkoooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hahaha sorry man i hope this dosent hurt my chances i still live in wisconsin and i just got kicked outta schoolFOR ACTING DIFFRENT just like u did mannnnnnn but yeah back 2 the point u and me r redoing the song stan cuz that r song and no one elses NO HOMO

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    not only this, but, if he says to his daughter hes commin home after holloween, how the hell he gunna tell his lady hes commin home october 27th ???? wth ?

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    I posted something on this a while back,

    i really don't think that theres something in common. Cuz im pretty sure he says around Oct. 27.

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    Not to be a dick or anything but please put link or show proof !!

    Quote Originally Posted by Brent
    tech already announced another callbos album after KOD.

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