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    People Are Strange

    on a very peculiar feeling evening i was with some friends of mine and we were enjoying ourselves some very top notch thizzelles. i had a song in my head that i wanted to listen to, it was people are strange screwed and chopped by twiztid. shit was bouts to b sick as fuck and i was certasin that everryone at the party was going to enjoy it, but what had happened was i went on to youtube and typed in people are strange screwed and chopped but what had popped up was riot maker screwed and chopped it blew my mind i was like yeah wtf holy shit dylan u gotta check this out u c what i typed in??? do u c that shit??? and look what came out not twiztid but tech do u c this shit do u c it???

    for those of u who dont know people are strange is a song by very famous band The Doors also The Doors are one of Techs favorite bands i thought it was cool that the youtube mindset made the connection between tech and the doors hahahaha shit was mad fuckin sick.

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    And it had nothing to do with the fact "Strange" "Screwed" "and" "Chopped" were in the tags. Uhuh k.

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    man fuck you you killed my buzz
    Quote Originally Posted by Siikez

    And it had nothing to do with the fact "Strange" "Screwed" "and" "Chopped" were in the tags. Uhuh k.

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