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Thread: Worlds Enemy!!!

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    Worlds Enemy!!!

    Idk if this is old news or not but Tech is gonna be on the new bone thugs album. Worlds Enemy!!!

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    umm tha new btnh album is titled uni5 i think.

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    They changed the albums' name

    Quote Originally Posted by johnny
    umm tha new btnh album is titled uni5 i think.

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    really i seen a pic of the earth imploding or sumthin but i didnt think they changed the name.. techs verse is tight and i think he does the hook but it could be the bridge

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    Can't wait for the track and album. Midwest Choppers 2 proved that Tech and Krayzie can be amazing on the same track, now hopefully the other members add to that in a positive way. I'm personally looking forward to seeing how Bizzy will do on the track.
    P.S. They did change it to "The World's Enemy" but its still not 100%, many fans on BTNH forums aren't fully satisfied with it so I wouldn't be surprised if it changes again

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