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Thread: That Boise State guy got knocked the fuck out

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    That Boise State guy got knocked the fuck out

    Did u see that shit it was crazy.

    I dont think players should do that but that Boise state player was talking shit after they just pounded Oregon.

    Here it is if u didnt see it

    It is kind of funny how they are promoting sportsman ship and then this happens

    i dont like players just beating each other up but that Boise State Player started it and I heard called Blount nigger and other shit and got it back. He may have gone to far

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    a big mouth usually ends up getting punched,the dude shouldnt have punched homeboy but thats what happens when you talk shit shit was funny as fuck did u see that whiteboy crack a smile right before he got lit up lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

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    Ya he just started similing and then he got dropped. and then he stood up like wtf happend. lmao. I dont condone it or think its right but thats what hapeens when you run your fuckin mouth. Also its a running back dropping a DE so it make the DE look like a bitch kind of.

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    Dude a pussy for blindsided him then dancing backwards acting tough as shit when he is really running. That bitch will end up in the back of a cop car if he can't control his anger.

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    that was a stupid move, now hes suspended 4 the whole yr after the first game! he just mite of fucked off his whole career, dumb, but hey im sure we all have lost our cool and did sumthin mean or violent that we look back on and say man....thats was dumb of me, i knew better, so hes only human.

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    Haha, this was on ESPN on all day yesterday. Blount straight fucked that guy up! It's so funny to watch in slow-mo. He made a mistake by starting shit with his teammate afterwards, that was just stupid. Lulz, if security wouldn't have been there that fan would have gotten his shit kicked.

    The whole season I think is a little harsh, but most disagree. He is easily my favorite college football player now.

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