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Thread: Tech N9ne - F.U.N (FUCK U NIGGAS){Unreleased KOD Track} what you all think?

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    Tech N9ne - F.U.N (FUCK U NIGGAS){Unreleased KOD Track} what you all think?

    what you all think of this song???
    imo its great,and i think KOD Will be a sick album.

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    Only thing I don't like is the Hook.

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    Senior Member Matt(626)'s Avatar
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    fuck u niggas ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh=D

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    For some reason this songs reminds me of Ludacris a lot!

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    unreleased? hasnt it been released as a KOD pre-order ?

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    Another thread, oh well, I thought the song was dope, and I hope the album has the same vibe. Shit is dope..

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    diamonds on her lip now i got diamonds on my dick.... Sick

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    Hate it or love it, this is my opinion. What's yours?

    I'm just glad this song didn't make it KOD. It's not bad but really kind of an awful hook. The intro was insanely retarded, too, lol. "Do you wanna have fun tonight? The fun has begun"? ... are you kidding me?

    I think he made this track because it has so much potential to be the hard hitting track it wants to be but... just couldn't make it as rough as he wanted, so he just skipped it for later so he could focus more on the songs he was ready to attack and leave the unfinished ideas for last.

    I just think it's lame for the CD which is supposed to be super dark (Blacken The Sun). For example, Tech made a few songs in tribute to the shit he actually says on the daily. Bianca's and Beatrices, Sorry n shit, shit like that ya know. I just don't seen anyone saying "let's have some F.U.N." unless they're a terrible racial 70's movie.

    It was a good idea but the delivery was wrong. The beat by youngfyre I think was really good, I liked it in all the right places -- just not for these lyrics. The lyrics we're dope in many spots but whack as a whole, intro blew hard and hook didn't hook me at all. I like it but I know Aaron can do so much better; and I think he thinks so too, which is why it didn't make the cut to KOD and is being given away like aids at an HIV-all-you-can-fuck-athon.

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    this song is fucken sick from beggining to killed it with the hook so wat u niggas talken bout.....the reason this song is hard as hell is because hes beefin with dj unk and fabolous.....chaaaa....anybody who didnt like the

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