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Thread: dumbass dude!!!

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    dumbass dude!!!

    first fuckin prt his verse "standin on the eifile tower starin down at nyc like the ghost of biggie" come on game i like ya music in all but the eifile tower lookin down nyc????

    i kant stop laughin at this i like the dude just cant get over it...

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    hey if sarah palin can see russia from her house, then maybe the game has eagle vision too lol wow

    i'm really diggin the hook. "its a bird its a plane. nah nigga its the mutha fucking game" and i read somewhere that this is a diss to soulja boy, which is always a good song in my book

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    hahahaha the songs dope it jus krak ma shit up...

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    that shit is dope

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    Sweet song

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    Really old song but is dope anyway. I never noticed that in the lyrics before so thats funny to me.

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