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Thread: Genius or not really?

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    Genius or not really?

    Personally, I think Genius is on a whole other level.

    Do you guys and gals think that the Genius album is really genius? Inquiring minds want to know.

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    yes, kaliko really put together a work of genius.
    showing that he can not only be a rapper but also a singer.
    he put together everything so well.
    i really see him going places in his future.

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    Genius 4 sho... hes a on eman show from da album to being on stage wit tech kaliko is a very well put together individual
    and i think since his album is out he will go alot farther!!!!$$$$**** LOVIN ME SUM KALIKO

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    It really is a great album, I loved it.

    I wouldn't say it's the work of a Genius, exactly.
    But it's definitely terrific.

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    Nice comments so far. The first time I heard the album, it was questionable to me if it was acutaly "genius". After about the third time of listening, I decided the album is most definately "genius". The quality is outstanding. When I chatted with Kriaa at the album release, he personally assured me the album was good, and he wasn't just 'whistling dixie'. Thx for posting Tokah,Lady and Kirby

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    And I want to add that I'm not being disrespectful by saying it's not Genius.

    I've heard less than five albums in my lifetime that I would call a perfect album.
    And for an album to be Genius, it has to be perfect, in my opinion.

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    Quite Hatin, it's bad 4 yo health

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    Krizz Kaliko is one of the most versitle muthafucka's out there. Genius is most definitely GENIUS. I love every track on it. I honestly thought Vitiligo was gonna be almost unbeatable but i was wrong. I mean yeah, don't get me wrong, Vitiligo is a bomb ass cd. I just think that Genius is a couple steps up. It seems he got a little faster and more precise with the way he raps/sings. It's kinda like Killer and i mean that in how it has alot of different kinds of music. Everyone should at least like one track from killer no matter who you are...

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    i think i might be the only one who isnt feeling the album as much as everyone else.I mean it sorta worked in reverse for me.When I listened to the cd the first time I thought this is dope off the bat,but as I gave it a few more spins i found myself becoming critical and liking it less and less.Usually it takes a few listens for an album to grow on me instead of what happened here.This piece of work is good and I do enjoy the album but there are some instances where i find myself changing the song.The track that ppl seem to favor known as the chemical reminded me too much if NIN. I just didnt think it was that original. Bipolar seems to be favored by a majority of listeners also but I felt the track to be a lil bit boring.Birthday lyrics didnt seem to fit the production,and shell do just plainly got on my nerves,didnt like the production or the content.Sometimes simplicity has more of an effect than complexity and this album proves that.Its obvious that kirzz in one hell of an artist with an abundant arsenal of musical talents.I think once he figures out how to harness all these musical gifts that he has been blessed with we will see this man at the top of the food chain.Again this is just my opinion and yes i did like the album, just dont think its dope enough to surpass outkast or be considered genius(flawless)

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    Everyone has good points. thx for posting.

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