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Thread: What does Krizz say???

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    What does Krizz say???

    In the song Get My Life Right it sounds like he says "my uncle taught me how to fuck weed in a microwave" ??? Anyone one else think so, if so, what the FUCK does that mean?

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    "My uncle taught me how fluff weed in a microwave"

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    thanks man. i was too lazy took it up. now that line makes sense to me.

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    Senior Member SeanKiely's Avatar
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    yeah. that shit works too. fluffin weed in a microwave.

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    haha yeah ive had to do that a few times.

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    Oh shit that made me laugh, Fuck weed in a microwave. I'm so highhhhhhhhhhhh

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    Senior Member l<ingJuelz's Avatar
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    LMFAO...."my uncle taught me how to fuck weed in a microwave"....That was good laugh

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