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Thread: The new jay-z album

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    The new jay-z album

    Did anyone check it out yet. Is it even worth a download.

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    yes and in the song Run This Town he mentions masonry and walks around in a pyramid. i wouldnt support him..

    Jay-Z + Rihanna + Kanye West - "Run This Town"

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    I thought it was dope, but it's getting mixed reviews.

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    i never was a big fan of jay after blueprint 1

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    have you seen the giant poster i think at the madison square garden of jay throwing up the rock... it was about 2 stories tall but there was light comin through his fuckin fingers...i say illuminati... 100% fatty fat kid kirby

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    personally i didnt like it. sounded like his flow was lazy and really just didnt seem like he was into to it.

    its worth a download. anything is worth a download. its fuckin free. i might still buy the cd tho cause i been a fan of jay for years and i like to support my artists. but then again jay z is worth tens of millions so i think hell be ight if i dont cop it. ill just cop another slaughterhouse instead. maybe even 2 more slaughters. (one for kirbys bitch ass)

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    Don't giv a chit

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