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Thread: Skatterman/Snug Brim - Perseverance/Future Projects

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    Skatterman/Snug Brim - Perseverance/Future Projects

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    February 9, 20009 KANSAS CITY, MO-Skatterman and Snug Brim are released from the Strange Music label. The duo formed a new label Bigg Shot Music &amp; Films with Stacy Dewayne Landis (Skatterman) as President and C.E.O. and Aaron R. Henderson (Snug Brim) as the creative A&amp;R (Artist and Repitoire) director.

    On the 23rd of February, a press release via myspace details the new ventures of the group stating that their third album will tentatively release as Perseverance on September 1st, 2009. This is made possible through the acquision of a distribution deal through RYKO/Warner Brothers as part of a two album contract.

    April 17, 2009, the duo release mixtape This Is Kansas City! Vol. 1 for free distribution via Available for Download Here). The album makes several allusions to the upcoming release of Perseverance citing September 1st once again as the day to expect thier third LP.

    On July 16, 2009, Mr. Landis releases information regarding the direction of their Bigg Shot label via myspace press release and details the new distribution deal made with RYKO/Warner Brothers/Deep Distribution Worldwide with a two album release contract. The press release makes no mention of the tentative third album's release and instead highlights new information on two solo projects expected to be released before 2011.

    In the July press release, Landis reveals that during the recording and release of his solo projects, Mr. Henderson (Snug Brim) will be working towards a 15 month certification in Music Marketing.

    Releasing first, The Cookbook Mixtape is expected to hit digital retail locations on November 2nd, 2009. This album will feature The Popper, Kutt Calhoun, Krizz Kaliko, Chain Gang Parolees, Ron Ron, Big Scoob, and, of course, Snug Brim.

    The second solo project, titled Self-Made, is expected to be "all about animosity" and "pissed off" (via press release) is to have appearances by Paul Wall, Too $hort, Jim Jones, Bun B, and Tech N9ne.

    "It's about the people who think they got me where I am, when it was me." Expect the rapper to pull no punches. Given the freedom to speak entirely for himself, Skatterman plans to immortalize on wax his frustrations with the music business, false friends and broken promises. A track called "Loyalty and Betrayal" expresses Skatterman's feelings on former label Strange Music, among other themes.

    While the two may not be currently working towards their third album release, they both seem to be dedicated to the growth of their label.

    Article by twicked, eyayeyay!

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    so they aren't broken up by any means, just busy. lol. Fellas.

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    Its good to hear they ain't broke up cause they are good as a group and they just left Strange Music to get things poppin.

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    This shit is awsome

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    i want these cds

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    I wish dem niggas luck out there, them niggas got heart

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