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Thread: New Zealand

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    New Zealand

    When is there going to be a tour in new zealand?
    Alot of people lovin strange music yet we aint added in these world tours.
    Please tech! lol
    Anyone else from new Zealand that agree with me?

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    dude by the sounds of thing you need to get more people buying Techs albums he only gos places were he sees his albums bought considering NZ is so small it will probly never happen come to Australia like the rest of the Kiwis do hahaha jokeing dude but maybe you mite wanna consider it keep it Strange !!! you got Aussie love

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    Yeah, Guess I'm packing some stuff for the trip up too Aussie. Got to see his shows.

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    Definatly bring tecca nina 2 nz great idea

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    Better start swimming now bro and Ill see you at the brisbane show

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    Getting bit by a shark swimming to a Strange Music concert is DEFIANTLY worth it. They selling those V.I.P packs in OZ?

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    Churr Brutha!!

    Techs Gotta come to NZ man, but Yo ill row my Waka to Oz haha

    Bro Tech you Gotta come to NZ!!

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    If you need extra power rowing i roll with you bro.
    We gotta get more people lovin tech n9ne in nz.
    Get his albems in shops here Then party like a rock star at his shows man!!

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    Haha dats us Breatha!!

    But yeah man we gotta get his shit promoted here hard Bro
    But a short trip to Oz would be fukin worth it Bro!!

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    Hard cuzz
    Problem with these stores, you gotta have so many peeps order copies.
    Old and new.
    Get that Sickology BANGING.
    Save money by takng a boat or raft, dont get caught by that immigration until After seeing tecca ninna, kalli baby, calhoun and more.

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