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    DAMN !, tech is never on the east coast, and now he gots a couple a dates there for the new tour, and for 2 days in a row, he gunna be at the same venue in NYC ! why the hell cant he do that out here in nor cal where i stay at ! or any where else for that matter ! good for tech finacially, but west coast, and south, and especially mid west been showin him love for YEARS now east coast finally wakes up and he gots a 2 day show, DAMN, not wishin they didnt have it, just wishin WE could get that to !

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    He stayed here in albuquerque and performed two days inna row a couple of years ago I think he does this every once inna while

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    as long as he comes to chico once per tour, i dont give a fuck where else he goes

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    played two portland shows for the strange noize 2008

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    hes doin 2 shows in a row here in mt on Oct 11 & 12

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    Im not even gonna build my hopes up for this tour one bit.. I highly doubt he'll go anywhere near Atlanta.. So yeah..

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    damn, i guess its cause i never noticed him do 2 shows in same venue 2 nights in a row, the cities close to me that i go see him would be, here in my town he came back in '06 when i met him in Modesto, then Santa Cruz & Whole Bay Area. Chico, Redding & Reno are just a lil mission aways more, id only hit them up if he didnt come near me in those other places.

    guess i never noticed he spent 2 days in a row in other places till i saw the NYC dates, well as long as he showed same love in other places that been supportin him from the git go, i guess i can withdraw bout 80% of my complaint, ill eliminate the other 20% when he actually does 2 shows near my home ! lmao !

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    he's coming to fla twice, and last time he did it he was here 3 days in a row, yeah different cities, but stpete and orlando are like an hour away, im pretty sure half of the people going to stpete are gonna be in orlando.... im one of them. The vip pack is 100 right ?

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