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Thread: Peoples reaction to meeting Tech N9ne?

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    Peoples reaction to meeting Tech N9ne?

    Just wanted to know how people on here who have met Tech N9ne (& Krizz Kaliko) reacted when they first met him.

    I went to his show (and my first) in Amsterdam (it was absolutely mental) & I happened to be checking out the concert hall four hours before the show started, and a car pulled up. Had no clue it was them until I saw Tech & Krizz Kaliko get out looking all fly. I was the only one there, couldn't believe it. I have never been star struck before but man it was so surreal seeing him in the flesh after having listened to him for so long & it was weird because I felt like i already knew him in a way. Couldn't believe i became that nervous, I felt like such a fool but also lucky that I got the chance to shake their hands and chat to Tech.
    Met him the next day as well just wondering the streets of Amsterdam! Was a damn good weekend.

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    I've met Tech a few times, always awesome. I've been to a few in-store signings around here, and he was more than cool at those too. I remember when Everready came out he did an in-store in Columbia,MO. We were told he would ONLY sign that CD and nothing else, well I bought a copy there for me and my friend and brought all kinds of stuff too. Needless to say I was bummed, but when it was my turn I gave it a shot and asked if he'd sign one or two of my other things I brought. He said he'd sign everything I brought! It was cool because Kutt and another dude with them thought it was crazy that I had a bunch of the RDV and older Tech stuff like Calm Before the Storm.

    Tech's crew had always been cool too. I remember at that in-store, Travis O'Guin asked if we were coming to the show that night (as I came to a few shows in a row), and before that I wanna say Snug Brim had a video camera at the Blue Note, and talked to me for a bit for what I assume was a video for himself, but I'm not sure lol!

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    It was a badass he is like in my top 3-5 people i would want to meet in my life...and probably the only one i will ever be able to, unless i get real lucky!
    about how many people were at the concert in Amsterdam Lui C?

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    lol yeah mayne..
    im 6'4 for so when i first saw tech i was expecting like a 6'7 beast walk up to me, but naw, i had to look down but i was still amazed you know..i was like damn theres tech..i had my hair up in spikes and shit..they like Eh i like the hair due BRA. they come shook my had chatted a little. made eye contact...felt his body....rubbed up against know..the stuff you would

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    Lol wtf blaze u felt his body rub against urs lol ewwww I wouldn't d that tho I would talk and shake hands but not rub bodies lol but I never met him yet but will 1day

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    I met Tech under fucked up circumstances, so I was enamored and a little cautious.

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    Do explain

    Quote Originally Posted by L.D.S.
    I met Tech under fucked up circumstances, so I was enamored and a little cautious.

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    I met him at the Peoria, IL meet and greet for the first time! I was wearin my black tech jersey and his first word's to me where "Damn, I love your shirt" and I couldn't help but give him a big ol' hug and say "Damn, I love you"! haha, it was great. They all said that I reminded them of someone they already knew, but a skinny version. It was like hanging with friends.

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    Is that wut that pic is?

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    I just acted like he was just a regular person which he is

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