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Thread: New Yelawolf from the Heart of Dixie mixtape!

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    New Yelawolf from the Heart of Dixie mixtape!

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    Mixtape drops tomorrow at 2 PM EST

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    This Ain't No Fuckin Mixtape, but seriously I can't wait to hear it.

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    I like how Yelawolfs mixtapes are more like an actual album. I really hate listening to artist rap over recycled beats. The good thing is that a lot of artist are starting to do this so mixtapes are getting better. I just listened to Jarren Benton's new mixtape and that shit is fire!

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    Its a street album

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    mmm....huge fan of yelawolf. like huge fan. but im bummed out about this album.

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    Very excited to listen through Yelawolf's new mixtape, I'm a huge fan of his work! Hopefully "Heart Of Dixie" goes just as hard as his past releases. I'll overview a complete listen through a little later this week.

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    The sound quality of this mixtape is shit.

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