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Thread: Tech N9ne Makes Billboard's 2012 Urban Power List!

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    Tech N9ne Makes Billboard's 2012 Urban Power List!

    What does Tech N9ne have in common with Magic Johnson?

    They both made <em>Billboard Magazine's</em> "Urban Power List" for 2012, a list of "the 25 most powerful players in [urban music], the men and women who define the game, direct its flow and determine its outcome."

    Tech N9ne made the illustrious list that includes the likes of Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Diddy, Magic Johnson, Steve Stoute, Rick Ross, and many more.

    On Tech's contributions to the game <em>Billboard</em> says:

    <em>Tech N9ne is still a hip-hop oddball, but his relentless, highly respected drive has made him a profitable one.</em>

    Ten years ago who would've thought that Tech N9ne would be recognized as a game-changing executive in the music business? Congratulations Tech!

    Click here to read the full-entry on Tech N9ne on Billboard's 2012 "Urban Power List".

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    Best part is him still being independent too. This is legit proof on how you don't have to be on a major label or in mainstream music.

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