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    Alrighty, boys and girls, I think it's time we talk about something very important...One of the more recent members of this here forum...KirbyDaAlmighty.

    I've seen Kirby around over at Siccness (I don't post, just have an account), and as far as I can tell, he's ranked pretty high on the social ladder there...Of course, this shouldn't automatically transfer over to this forum, BUT

    We all get reputations for being who we are. I got a reputation as a funny guy down here for mocking damn near every single thing Smoke or Pidge says (Brent/Breck seems to be on e-vacation, oh well), and Kirby's gotten a reputation for being a fucking smartass...Now let's clear some smoke: He does ran on parades fairly often...But he's actually just being a nice guy. He does the same thing J9X does - he corrects people when they make mistakes; and frankly, a good portion of this forum acts like they just got admitted into Bertrand's School for the Specially Gifted. And by specially gifted, I don't mean the 6 year olds who solve Rubik's Cubes in two minutes.

    He's just correcting people when they make mistakes, and since quite a lot of PAINFULLY IGNORANT statements are said here, you shouldn't hold anything against him for it. I'm tired of seeing "fuk u hatr" every time he makes a post - it's the internet. Either ignore his ass or steal some of Rain Dollaz's skills and start some retarded little online rap e-beef. We'll all sit back and laugh at you.

    Step your game up, boys and girls.

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    Lol word ppl need 2 stop hatin

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    No actually he looks like Notorious B.I.G. hmmmmmm

    Quote Originally Posted by Breck
    u look like Urcle & u really should stop bein such a dick.

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    he capitialized>>>Urcle<<< hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Are you stupid? No shit he isnt Biggie lol fucking retard. You don't even know what he really looks like in real life so why are you saying he looks like Urcle???... Especially when you're the one that looks like a bitch ha.

    Quote Originally Posted by Breck
    hmmm, Biggiez dead. so obviously thatz not him. i'm talkin bout what he really lookz like. just cuz u got a picture of a marlboro cigarette package doesn't mean thatz what u look like in real life just so u know. same az if u got a picture of Biggie doesn't mean hez Biggie Smallz. I hope that helpz u understand
    Quote Originally Posted by DYSFUNCTiONAL
    No actually he looks like Notorious B.I.G. hmmmmmm
    Quote Originally Posted by Breck
    u look like Urcle & u really should stop bein such a dick.

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    First of there People's oppinions no matter what u say u cant realy change, them fair enough correct them but dont drag it on like you fucking know everything i dont mind people correcting me its the fuckers that once they correct you act like there working for strange music when there obviously not . everyones entitled to there own oppinion

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    Honestly this is RIDICULOUS all these "stop the hate" threads do is create more hate. How bout this you follow your own advice to others and let others make their own decisions.

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    im not on e-vacation, ive just been chillin hard bro

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    Noble attempt Artemisn but honestly this isn't going to do any good. There are very few like us who will actually take time to listen to advice in life much less on the internet.

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    I don't come on here as much as I used to because of all this god damn are right bro....boys and girls need to grow the fuck up.

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