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Thread: Slaughterhouse

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    I know it is a Tech site and i know that someone already started one on them but to the ppl who said the the cd sucked u should be bitch slapped cause that was one of the illest cds ive heard

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    agree...album is ill

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    It was overhyped

    *waits for the hate machine named Mike*

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    I of the best hip hop albums I heard in a long time. But I see Kirb's point...there was a lot of hype in it to be really great. I loved it tho

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    When dose Crooked i drop his full LP? Any idea????

    Quote Originally Posted by twizzy
    slaughterhouse >>>

    if you think that album was dope wait until they all drop there single projects this year.
    shits about to get real seriouse.

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