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Thread: KOD News?

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    KOD News?

    Other than anything involving the tour dates and such, Ive heard that the album was pretty much finished. Has enyone heard anything off the album other than whats been on the sampler? Im really excited to start seeing some of the new shit off the album coming up to the release, i just keep getting on this site just waiting for the song on the main page to change to a single off KOD!

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    i dont wana hear nothing off the cd till i buy it days b4 it comes out!! anyway sooner or later someone will be on here addin songs u'll see.

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    read his twitter. basically done..saying its dark as fuck nd depressing him deeply nd afecting ppl around him : / ...also says ts fuckin dope tho..good to hear

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    i'm hoping that it's straight EVIL

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    Cant wait 4 this!

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    he got his name out now hes gonna hit everyone wit what hes got.

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