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Thread: Slaughterhouse album was WEAK

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    Slaughterhouse album was WEAK

    I have been a fan of Royce 5'9 for a long time, not really a fan of Joe Budden and Crooked-I and haven't listened to too much of Joel Ortiz's shit. I was, however, very excited when I heard that they would be putting together an album. I got the album, played it through full length and I have to say that it was incredibly thrown together, lacked production value and was all together WEAK. As a die hard Tech fan I think it's great that Tech is going on tour with Slaughterhouse, but I look at them as just another wack opening act before the amazing show that is THE REAL TECH N9NE. Tech has come to San Diego the past few years at HOB, so assuming that he comes again this year, I will be seeing my 7th or 8th Tech N9ne show and I am as excited as ever. Techn9ician 4LIFE.

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    So what part of the album was weak to you besides the production???Cause as far as the lyrics go this album was FLAWLESS.I didnt hear 1 weak verse. Although i thought joe budden was outshined by every1 but then again look at the calibur of mc's on the roster.I thought the production was just right for this type of album,since this was a project that was made for these 4 beasts to showcase thier lyrical talent.In my opinion they "slaughtered' each and every track,Ive had to play songs over and over just to digest each and every bar.This album had no radio songs no lovey dovey shit just straight lyrics.If lyrics is what listeners are looking for then this album is a must have.If your are looking for a well rounded album with your average love songs/sex jams/party tracks/im getting money tracks and a little bit of sentimental shit then skip it,cause this shit aint 4 you. they are a perfect fit 4 the tour homie. "another wack opening act???? man u lost your fuckin mind!

    "if you came here to hear that love dovey shit GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!
    if you soft and scared of hardcore shit GET THE FUCK OUT
    4 those who love raw shit welcome to THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE"

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    And you gotta realize that it was made in 1 WEEK!!! 1 FUCKIN WEEK! But i havnt heard it yet

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    ya the Slaughterhouse album was dope as fuck... all pure lyrical talent
    theyre gonna kill shit with Tech on tour definitely

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    I wouldn't say it's Weak.

    Overhyped? Yes.
    Weak? Only the beats.

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    ya I gotta agree some of the beats were weak as hell

    Quote Originally Posted by KirbyTheAlmighty
    I wouldn't say it's Weak.

    Overhyped? Yes.

    Weak? Only the beats.

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    album was fukin hard. beats coulda been better but other than that. the lyrics were dope!!!!!!

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    Yea over hyped definitely. cant complain about the verses but beats could have been better. 6.5 outa 10 for me. had great potential that didnt get used

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    i gotta agree alot of the production was weak the Cuckoo beat was a mess and i found it odd that the beat for not tonight was the same beat as Now I Lay from joe budden padded room.. they really couldnt have found another beat too use?... lyrically you cant touch these guys... there an indie group and it makes sense for them to tour with Tech a heavyweight in the Indie game.. he can teach them alot..

    i saw them live at rock the bells and they were ok.. each member did a solo song (joe buddens pump it up.. royce boom, joell hip hop.. no crooked solo) the songs they had out at the time (onslaught 2, hoop hop, move on ect.) Talked about what region there from and played a track from a well know artist of that area (Biggie, Snoop, Eminem & OPP) and they also dropped verses acapella which turned out to be tacks from the record.. i wanna see if they step there stage game up

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    i liked some songs though like this

    The One (Feat. The New Royales) - Slaughterhouse
    i gave it a 6/10 because some songs are OG

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