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Thread: Tech's Twitter Update!!!!!!!!!!

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    Tech's Twitter Update!!!!!!!!!!

    My cpu fukin up n cant really c wat hes sayin....Is he Tech sayin the album finished? I think thats wat im seein...i also see sumthin bout missin album due dates....plz tell this album still comin out october 27th!!!!!!!

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    The album has been finished as of 7 this morning. That's from Travis.

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    im pretty sure it would come out before that date cuz thats when the K.O.D. Tour starts.....and he aint done wit it yet....he said he is finishing it when he is done with his touring now

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    I am 100% positive that what I said yesterday stands as a correct statement. Travis told me over the phone the album was done, and Rob reported he's now begun on the mixing and mastering.

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