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    Okay so I went through the search and found some topics but nothing really what I was looking for with Street teams so I started this one, and besides they were kinda a mess. This is for the ADMINS/TECH SQUAD LEADERS/STREET TEAMS/MAYORS/ALL POWERFULLS/or whatever you title yourselves. I thought it might be a good idea for a place for a leadership roll call from the squads. I know how alot of yall are from the myspace TECH SQUADS, like NY, NOR CAL, Spokane, COLORADO, AZ, ETC. I've seen posts from others looking for their squads and how to get in touch with them and maybe what they have been doing, promo ideas, events attended, issues, SNIPES and such. SO this could be the place for that and for others looking for the squads of thier states. I'll start.

    Idaho Tech Squad has received their promo packages for the Scoob/Strictly Strange push and are finishing up Genius/Sickology we will be out this weekend and the coming week hitting the Boise area. We have about 6 to 8 members at a time usually to hit the streets and friends of those members helping those squad memebers get the job done. I'm scheduled to promo at a lowrider show this saturday and will hav emy 64 ready to go once again. I did the Northwest motor fest boise car show over the July 4th weekend with 10,000 or so people attended the 4 days of the show of 2,000 plus cars. We were there making the Strange known for the event. We have also used the promo tiles and attached them to wood stakes for road side signs and have worked pretty well (Like the Politicains do for elections). We also have are usuals of SNIPES, stores, records stores, etc out there. We also helped with the tour that just came through for Souljah from the western part of Sickology tour as he just finished up his tour date here a couple weeks back. As admin of the Idaho Squad for the hard work of the squad I got them embriodered polo shirts with strange music on them so when they are out to the radio station etc we have a cool professional look to get us in the doors. That is where we are at! S.L.A.D.A.N Where yall at?


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    out do'in the work today.

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    some ideas.

    Some good places to start would be skate shops, smoke shops, tattoo shops,and music stores. Those are great places. Take digital photos of your promos in action and upload digital proofs.

    car windows. It could be about an upcoming show if they will be in your area soon, Go all out! Shoe polish will work well.

    Check to see if they have a Tech N9ne CD or other strange artist's CD is at your local record/music store. Take a picture of the CD in the bin or on an endcap. If they don't have it in stock, then ask a clerk if they have any on order.

    Upload a digital photo of the CD and a text proof of the name of the store and the date you visited.

    *Please ALWAYS be careful and ask a clerk if it's okay to take a picture in a store.

    We want people to know how amazing Tech's or a strange artists NEW CD
    is and who better to tell people than the biggest fans.

    Write your own review on Strange Music on iTunes. Have fun with it and tell people what a great gift it would make for any occasion!

    Upload a screen shot of your review and then upload a text proof of the actual review.

    How To Create And Manage A Street Team

    A team of dedicated fans that help you get your music heard in more places and win more fans worldwide.
    A street team is a dedicated fan base that wants to help you succeed. They can help publicize your shows, spread news about your album, and more. All you need are a few tools to get them started.

    1. Choose your collaboration tool.
    You will need a collaborative communication tool to organize and manage your street team. Tools such as Yahoo Group, Google Group, or Ning are free but lack tracking and measuring capabilities unique to managing Street Teams (so they may require additional work to manage). Other options are services that specialize in street team and fan management such as ReverbNation.

    2. Organize the team.
    Reach out to your fan mailing list and ask who wants to be part of your street team. You may want to give them something in return for joining.

    3. Give the team a mission.
    Establish a mission and define a time frame in which to acheive it. Missions can be anything from spreading your music, enlisting new fans, promoting a show, etc. Tools like ReverbNation will help you set deadlines and define goals for your team automatically.

    4. Provide the team with the tools to carry out the mission.
    Give them what they need to complete the mission. If you want them to poster the neighborhood, give them posters. If you want them to sign up fans on your mailing list, send them a link to the signup page at your website. Tools such as Reverbnation provide additional widgets for online campaigns (i.e. they provide the music players for your street team to post at their sites or other social networks).

    5. Give the team a reward.
    Be creative with your awards. Some ideas include giving them an autographed CD, sending them merchandise, or putting their names in the liner notes of your next album.

    6. Measure everyone's progress.
    You will need to define a way to figure out who accomplished the mission and deserves a reward. Tools like Reverbantion, handle this by creating unique widgets that track an individual's progress.

    also found this for training.

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    atta boy

    Quote Originally Posted by mr64magic
    out do'in the work today.

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    You still have Sickology and Genius promo? Sounds like your slackin bromeo. Sickology came out in April and Genius came out July 14th. Putting up posters now that say previous dates like that just seems pointless to me.

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    Wats good ?? Not the boss but I'm a member of the AZ Tech Squad !! I've only been doin' promo for like 1.5 months. So far J9X & Brett (Head of AZ Team) said it was pretty good !! But for our opener we have Intrinzik. He a pretty koo dude !!

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    I did the North west motor fest and most of my stuff went there on the 4th of July. But thanks though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shawn Ayala
    You still have Sickology and Genius promo? Sounds like your slackin bromeo. Sickology came out in April and Genius came out July 14th. Putting up posters now that say previous dates like that just seems pointless to me.

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    got someone looking New mexico squad for yall

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    Oh Jonny, I'm in Al and been wanted to join a street team for awhile but shit no one around here really. If you need help hit me up.

    Quote Originally Posted by johnny
    i am runnin the alabama team by myself.. but i havent got my shipments yet.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nor*Cal Tech Squad
    I'm always happy to get info like that

    Quote Originally Posted by mr64magic
    Wow just heard Cleveland Squad has got it go'in on too!

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    hopin tragedy 503 opens the kod tour in portland, he wasn't at strange noize and i was sad

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