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Thread: Craig Smith Mixtapes

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    Craig Smith Mixtapes

    I know some of the peoples on here wanted them, and I've went through the trouble of finding the four of them (for people that were too lazy, and didn't feel like looking them up, or just didn't know about them). It shouldn't be a problem, since they were all four released for free.

    My Fly Mixtape (Tracklist/Album Art)

    The Introduction (Tracklist/Album Art)

    Anomaly (Tracklist/Album Art)

    1988 (Tracklist/Album Art)

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    bump passed all the T&T bs. so I can find it later. thanks kirby.

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    Thanks, I completely forgot about this dude.

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    Thank you kindly.

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    For his Latest Free Albums. I'm really liking "Angels and Demons"

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    He's also released "The Mace Windu Project"

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