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Thread: whose the worst rapper ever

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    whose the worst rapper ever

    Its all about llil wayne. That guy would get mutilated by tech n9ne. He is the shittyist rapper i have ever heard or seen. He is all based on money and making crappy music. If you listened to tech n9ne and lil wayne then your confused as shit. I listen to alot of good mainstream and mostly independent stuff. you cant support strange if you like lil wayne. And if you dont support all of strange then you shouldnt listen to any of strange

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    in my opinion 50 cent would have to be the worst rapper around

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    stop hating lil wayne
    hes not that bad
    ur just as gay as you say he is.

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    Wow, i wouldn't say Wayne is the worst rapper at all...I mean wat about soulja boy...? U sayin hes above wayne no way.

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    and ur little dont listen to strange if u dont support them all is pretty gay
    i dont like prozak, and i dont like killa c, so fuck off forever.

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    Wayne's old shit was actually decent.

    And I have to say Gucci Mane

    Also, yeah, fuck you and your "it's either all of strange, or none of them" attitude.
    People can listen to whatever the fuck they want. I'm not gonna listen to Wayne, but if someone else does, I'm not going to tell them they're not allowed to listen to Tech. And if someone doesnt like Prozak, i'm not gonna tell them they're not allowed to support strange.

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    shorty lo

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    Benzino/Soulja Boy/Tony Yayo

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    In my opion I would have to say Soulja Boy, Dudes that make a bullshiit dance song and get millions over some stupid shit !!

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    honestly, i may be the worst rapper ever.

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