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Thread: for everyone that likes yelawolf i hope this changes your mind read this interview

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    for everyone that likes yelawolf i hope this changes your mind read this interview

    how can he be disapointed with shady records cause they have only given him one single in 11 months off of his cd radioactive its cause the cd fucken was such a work of garbage how can you make shitty songs into singles it just doesnt work that way yela what a goof he wont even admit he did an incredibly shitty job!!!! and he just has to deal with being called mgk and getting asked for mgk autographs cause mgk is way more talented and radio active hahahahaha. I hope shady records drops this fool like a retarded baby!

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    No, it seems more like he's just stating that he signed to Shady for a career. Remember mainstream label contracts are more about being a career/job than actual musicianship work and talent. So therefore a person who actually has talent like Yelawolf is completely entitled to feel played kinda because he was just making music the way they wanted him to.

    However, I guess he thinks just because you follow orders that its always going to give you some sort of on par results when anything can happen still. So, because he followed orders and it messed up his music creation process he ended up making shitty music. His music on radioactive had no real appeal even probably for the radio so it was failure.

    But at least hes wanting to go back to trunk muzik.

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    I fully compromised. - Yelawolf. That's what's wrong with mainstream. Talented artists have to compromise to become radio friendly. Independent is the way to go.

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    he said he wanted to make a cd that was radio friend;y so that everyone would know him. the label didnt ask him to do that and there is no way shady records would ask him to a cd like radioactive look at slaughterhouse shady tols them to just do what they wanted cause there last independent cd was fire! wouldnt they want yela to do the same thing? i think yela just made a horrible decision and wont admit it he just wants to blame everyone else

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    Wait for his mixtape coming July 4th. It will change you're opinion. When you are on a label they force you to make songs that you don't want to.

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    Are you serious? Yelawolf shits all over MGK.

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    I for one happen to think radio active was a great album, you sir are buggin.....

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    Radio active was wack compared to Trunk muzik.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dukecityspecialist

    I for one happen to think radio active was a great album, you sir are buggin.....

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    I can't describe how much this thread fails. Please slap yourself in the mouth to save me travelling around the world to do it myself. Thanks.

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    i used to get down on yelawolf, I loved every song till he signed with shady. I dont like shady never have and havent liked yela since he signed. i hope his mixtape changes my mind tho.

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