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Thread: To all the haters

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    To all the haters

    since for some reason i gotta prove shit to yall lil broads imma clear this up.I never once said Tech was my homie,I said when I call or kick it with dude he hasnt changed regardless of all the radio play and bigger better shit hes progressin too.I got one pic on this site cause my shit wont let me put it up,go to my myspace,I go to vip too thats why u saw me in front of the merch booth,Tech called me on stage to have me propose to my wife,I can call and have called Tech many occasions,Ive been backstage,got drunk with em,and rapped for em,stop hatin,if u could u would,hes not my best friend he is my dirty though,anyone who was at the last stlouis show can tell u he shouted me out at the end of the show,dont be a fuckin hater cause you cant thats all im sayin,yall would brag all the same if u could but i can bet that not one of u lames that talked shit about my post can pick up the phone and call or he know your fuckin name when he sees u,Shit i was just happy he was on the radio and yall went somewhere else with the shit,but im happy to brag on it,fuck yall girls,Be Jealous

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    How about a nice warm glass of shut the fuck up?

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    You wouldn't happen to be T. Lou or whatever from Siccness would you?

    You strike me as very T. Lou-ish.

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    he knows my name and shouts me out to.

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    why you braggin...
    dont brag...
    now im beginning to think you suck his dick to...
    its cool you hang with tech and all...but damn...

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    *applauds Daze*

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    i went watched The Ugly Truth tonight...
    its a good movie..great show to take your GF to..
    you gotta watch it..

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    fuck the ugly truth.

    Quote Originally Posted by Blaze
    i went watched The Ugly Truth tonight...
    its a good movie..great show to take your GF to..

    you gotta watch it..

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    I was there both times for the shout out and when you proposed to your wifey, I dont think people think your lying either they are A. Hating or B. Just really dont care. Which either way it shouldn't matter to you who cares what other people think, what the real point was that Tech got radio play which is sick! BUT I don't think posting a thread that says "Stop Hating" then giving people more details/reasons to hate is really gonna solve the problem and I think it completely just changed the attention of what really matters (Tech N9ne) to you. I guess to sum up what Im saying is people are gonna hate (WHO FUCKING CARES, thats what they do) so just ignore that shit YOUR NOT GOING TO ELIMINATE THE HATERS no matter what!!

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