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Thread: All must read!

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    All must read!

    For those of u so called "Tech N9ne" fans that sit here and say well Tech should do this or Tech should do that, yo on the real shut the fuck up with that shit and let Tech do Tech shit ya feel me?? In Tech N9ne MaZarate Trust cuz imma real Tech N9ne fan!!

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    tech should do a commercial for rogaine that would be off the chain(does that make me any less of a fan for hoping for this??)

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    Tech should collab with Lil Wayne and T Pain

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    Oct 2008
    Tech should start using talkbox on all of his song, he sounds better, plus its the cool thing to do today.

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    Brent that would be autotune. Also Tech should slap MaZ for caring what people suggest Tech should do.

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    Tech should do a duet with Hanna Montana, with Elmo on the hook. And yea what Fofy said,"Tech should slap MaZ for caring what people suggest Tech should do." That is one reason this forum exists, Feedback and suggestions from the F.A.N.S.

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    Tech should tell Tech fans what Tech fans should tell Tech to do.

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    Tech should hurry up and do Kabosh already

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    Tech should stop paintin his shaved bald

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    Tech should take a shit on MaZ's head!

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