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Thread: Dayton Family?

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    Dayton Family?

    Has anyone heart something from the Dayton Family, i heart the would come whit a new album in june, anyone knows what s up?


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    There's rumors about it already been released and there's rumors sayin' He's releasing it around the same time as the gathering. I don't know what to think about it anymore but I don't know it's going to be insane. I heard a few tracks off it and it was just as good as anything strange has put out. In my opinion there's 3 rappers that are so far above everyone that I wont even listen to anyone else and they are Tech, Krizz and Bootleg from The Dayton Family. I posted some a video of them in the studio workin on there new stuff. I'll post it on here so you can check it

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    There boy lil D told me that there new shit ould be for sale at the gathering but i did not go so i dont know if it really was or not. i asked if it was in stores but got no word back.

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