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Thread: To all u haters who bumped your gums

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    To all u haters who bumped your gums

    You silly little young motherfuckers,i was lettin yall girls know that Techs gettin radio play in stlouis where he never has,and yall take as im braggin on being able to call or talk to his ass,the only reason thats what u got outta the discussion is cause your haters,dont get mad cause you gatta pay to talk to dude,and what the fuck is there to brag about?hes no different than me and u,and for all u braods that bumped your gums on the computer,thats some real tough guy shit,stroll on through the Louie,holler at ya boi,and since u wanna say im braggin and all that,here u go next show i dont giva fuck what city or state,ask em about Daze,white boy from the Louie,fuck yall haters and for the ones that appreciated the info good lookin

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    So you are going to talking shit about people being internet bangers then you're going to make a thread like this.

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    I'm not trying to bump my gums, so to speak, but if you're good friends with tech then how come your pic with him is at the merch booth?

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    I wasn't "hating".

    You came in like "They played him on the radio, he's never changed WHEN I TALK TO HIM ON THE PHONE OR IN PERSON"

    That totally discredits your post.

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    stop talking like that, you're white. fucking embarrassing...

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