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Thread: Were do we find the meaning ok K.O.D.

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    Were do we find the meaning ok K.O.D.

    Tech mentioned in one of his interviews that before or after the release of K.O.D there is gonna be a contest to c if anyone can find out the meaning of it (im thinking it is abbreviated for somthing duh?!) and who ever finds out wins somthing real big. what im getting at is where do we find out about this , i mean, where do we even start. is it in his lyrics from past albums, his K.O.D. album or is he gonna be sending us subliminal messages threw u but seriously if anybody has any ideas let me no.

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    king of death no! king of ive been pulling up some some of his old shit and doing my research like crazy its got to be somthing with meaning cuz he aint 4 that simple shit

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    Kinetic Outlier Detection?

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    Knights of Darkness ?

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    i dont even to man im gonna keep looking what are we supposed to win anyway and how do we conact them if we found tha answer?

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    the contest hasnt even started. when the contest starts we will know. and then it will be easy to give strange our guesses.

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