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Thread: Tech N9nes Tour Bus!!

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    Tech N9nes Tour Bus!!

    I jsut stumbled accross this video of a tour of techs tour bus. (lol @ TOUR of a TOUR bus) the tour is done by murs, who if you guys havent heard much about or whatever you should defiantly check him out. hes a cool cat, hella down to earth, really humble, knows hes blessed, and he doesnt let his ego take over his success.

    and its not in this interview but i saw in a diferent one that the bus that tech and strange are using used to be Hannah Montanas, haha. thot that shit was funny. lol

    hope you like the interview, sorry i dont know how to include the actual vid in my post but heres a link.


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    "Bee You Em Pee" BUMP lol

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    xbox 360 call of duty FTW

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