i party with juggalos, i party with friends
after that i do what i gotta just to make some ends
whether its sellin dope or fuckin flippin burgers
shit, im a fuckin corporation you can call me gerber

ya try to jack me for my money you're guna get fucked up
but that'll never happen cuz im on top of my game, i got my bucks up
ima come up from that valley livin to bein a shinin star
have myself a mansion n a couple shiny cars

i really dont know if i'll be underground or mainstream
but it aint that big a deal as long as im gettin payed green
not little pocket change nah i mean them rubberband banks
and it'll all be from writing that true shit like Tech mayn

after a good night i'll go party at a club
or maybe at my place, it dont matter, as long as i got some bud
bring over the homeys n we'll call up some huns
its all in wutchu do jus to have a little fun