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Thread: Who's next?

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    Who's next?

    When Tech finally decides to walk away from rapping, who do you think will be the face of Strange Music? Imo i think it will be Krizz.

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    Deffinately Krizz

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    mayday muthafucka!

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    No -_- i love Mayday, but they won't be the face. I could see it coming down to either Krizz or Kutt

    Quote Originally Posted by Dukecityspecialist

    mayday muthafucka!

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    Most likely stevie stone because tech and travis both said stevie had the possibility to b bigger then tech. I wouldnt mind seeing kutt being the main focus tho

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    mayday muthafucka!!!!!

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    Brotha Lynch eats the whole label

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    probably depends. strange continues to grow and become more prevalent in the hip hop industry. its really hard to say but right now the only one that makes sense would be krizz.

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    None of them, Strange will go out of business and sell all the rights to their songs to Michael Jacksons children.

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    Krizz is only 2 years younger then Tech so i doubt Krizz will stick around much longer after Tech walks away. Considering Tech says he will do this til he physically cant anymore...

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