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Thread: Same Shit Different Day

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    Same Shit Different Day

    By Big Shot

    Beat from LTB

    Tell me what ya'll think.

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    Feelin it, kinda hard to hear you at times, but other than that it's dope man.
    And LTB kills that beat, he makes badass shit!

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    Diggin the BEAT (props to LTB)...diggin the LYRICS ( Big props to BIG SHOT) ...the chorus was kinda iffy...but overall...i liked it man!

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    Hey Bigshot, I love wat u did with it. Like akay said, the chours is kinda iffy, but you did a great job. I'll probally upload this to my beats page (

    And on the contest tip, i like the new ideas. The rappers pickin the beats sounds like a good idea. And the producer and artist teaming up sounds like a great idea too.

    Ill be anticipating info on the contest

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