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Thread: New to the site, long time tech fan. Tour question.

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    New to the site, long time tech fan. Tour question.

    whats goin on everyone. first time visitor to the site, but ive been a tech fan forever. sadly, my first time i saw tech was during the strange noize tour with kottonmouth kings in philly. they announced it would be annual, and i missed the second.

    my main question is, will there be a third? and will it come to philly?

    if not, whens the next US based tour that will hit philly?

    glad to be here guys, lookin forward to my time here.

    and if tech really reads this shit, WTF IS GOOD. your my hero. lmao

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    shit idk, the k.o.d. tour is next tho, cant wait 4 that, theyll post dates and states on here when there ready tho, welcome 2 the site, u a kmk fan, i dont care 4 them yes techs the best!!

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    Strange noize 3 should be next year, otherwise KOD is the next tour

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    he usually tours the midwest/west coast. but he is going out further more recently as hes gettin bigger so youll have to check for the exact venues. but he tours whenever he releases a new CD. so my guess is he'll start his tour around Oct. 10th and probably tour through mid january or so.

    im in Eugene OR and he usually swings through here about a week before his CD drops. so check the sickology tour dates and venues and you might be able to get a good idea of when he'll be near you again.

    and from one technition to another, welcome :-)

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    thats wussup, thx for the reply guys. yes i am a kmk fan, orignally from cali so u know how we do.

    when tech came to philly, he did say he usually doesnt come around but will start because of the huge response he got during the first strange noize tour. i can only hope .

    if i have to, ill travel. delaware is real close to philly, NY, DC, MD, NJ. ill see you some where lmao.

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    scenario said at red rocks that strange noize is gonna be in the winter or fall. i cant remember which one lol

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    Wut up welcome technition, but idk when tech goes 2 philly I live in kc so I kno he's always comin here lol but idk I guess u need 2 look at the tour dates and try and get a picture of when he comes

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