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Thread: MMA Thread

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    MMA Thread

    Just thought I'd get a thread on MMA goin, Im sure theres some technicians out there into it,
    drop in here if u wanna talk shit about the greatest sport in da world!!
    Who do u think? Forrest Griffin or Anderson Silva this weekend????
    Im hoping Florian beats BJ Penn

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    Senior Member Smoke's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    idk GOTJ for sure Fofy will be at

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    Senior Member l<ingJuelz's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    I think BJ Penn n Florian wont go to decision...I want Florian to win but im positive BJ waste him early...mayb round two

    As for Silva n Forest...I think it can go all way but...Personally i think forest will end up in the hopital...hes gotta a hard head tho so it will mk it really close to the end...This will end wit a TKO on the last round or end in decision wit silva takin all rounds except mayb 1

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    Senior Member ConnorB's Avatar
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    I was thinking of starting an MMA thread, so thank you.

    I don't think Anderson could possible lose. Griffin is a sloppy fighter. Silva's going to take advantage of this and pick away at him. I see TKO 2nd round.

    I think Florian has no where near the skill of BJ Penn. I'm not sure how this one's going to end, but I for sure see BJ keeping the belt.

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    I think Silva and Penn are gonna win.

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    Anderson Silva No Doubt!!

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    I read an article on that picked apart every corner of the upcoming Griffin-Silva fight, have a look, its awesome!!!!

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    Senior Member Big Shot's Avatar
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    when I watched UFC 100 they were saying something about GSP and Anderson Silva. that shit would fucking rule!

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    Junior Member kendel's Avatar
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    anderson silva is going to win for sure i dont think it will get to discion at all forrest is going to get his ass kicked penn will win florian has no chance bj is an all around better fighter

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    Fuck yeah Big $hot , they have been talkin that up for a while now, GSP vs. Silva would have to be the greatest fight u could ever think of, GSP would have to go up a weight, wich wouldnt b too hard because he is a big welter, and I honestly think GSP has the tools to take Silva out (probably on points) I think GSP would out-wrestle Silva, the 2 best pound for pound fighters in the world, what a fuckin awesome fight, Dana must b lickin his lips at the prospect!!

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