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Thread: Slaughterhouse Album Leaked

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    Slaughterhouse Album Leaked

    soo the album leaked and that shit is fuckin so damn sick. ima buy 2 copies on 8/11. one for the whip and one for my room. shit is that hard.

    and be sure to purchase a legit copy if u fuckas downloadin that shit. shits worth the money. no doubt about it.

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    I still say it's overhyped.
    Not to say Crooked and Royce held it down.
    Joell was alright, and Budden was lame.
    Generic Beats, too.

    I'm not a fan.

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    man fuck a leak im gonna wait till the 11th

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    hahahaha kirby your a fuckin punk, talkin bout how budden was lame on the cd. nigga you must not be a very intteligent dude. do you even listen to the music? or do u base ur decision off of what other people say??

    "im weird im in a voodoo/ you know how dude do/ towel on the bed/ fuck while she bloody call it soo woo"

    "hang my baby motha off a 30 foot balcony/ then look over the body like the bitch shouldnt have doubted me!"

    wheres your fuckin bars at nigga? you travelin around the states and canada on rock the bells? naw you aint doin shit but being fat nigga.

    get the fuck outta here with your critical ass. nobody asked you shit.

    SLAUGHTERHOUSEE!!!!!!!!! 8/11

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