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Thread: Axe Commercial - Ryan Scheckler

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    Axe Commercial - Ryan Scheckler

    So I was on my xbox and i downloaded some kind of commercial/movie Ryan Scheckler and others for some kind of an Axe promotion and as i was about to turn it off when I heard "Lets go coming through the door, hella fast, neva slow, the pedal to the floor.........." i thought it was pretty cool and just wanted others to know. If you wanted to download it or what not...

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    I hooked up with Ryan Schecklers girl out in a club in Houston (before she found the dude, money always wins) Nevertheless, I was floored when I found out that she fucked with a famous dude.

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    That kids a bitch ass

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    lol...yeah he looks like a little puss

    Quote Originally Posted by J9X
    That kids a bitch ass

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