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Thread: Top ten Krizz Kaliko songs!

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    Top ten Krizz Kaliko songs!

    Well, since he has 2 albums now and was in at least half of Techs songs wether it be as a rapper or just to do the hook now the question must be asked. What are your top ten favorite Krizz Kaliko songs? Mine would have to be Doe Doe, Misunderstood, Getcha Life Right, Bipolar, The Need, Peek A Boo, Get Off, Happy Birthday, So High, and Back Pack. Tell me your thoughts.

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    anxiety isn't on your list?

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    Hell, I like it all, I ain't picky, especially when it comes to the strange music soldiers!

    Quote Originally Posted by J9X
    anxiety isn't on your list?

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    in a quikly thought out order. it is subject to change but from his cd's:

    1.rewind it like i do it
    5.vitiligo right back
    7.chip on my shoulder
    8.dip in da whip
    9.beautiful you are
    10. getcha life right

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    1. Anxiety
    2. Chip on my shoulder
    3. What's sizzlin
    4. Collect
    5. Genius
    6. Getchya life rite
    7. Bipolar
    8. Happy birthday
    9. Choir boy
    10. Butt naked fun(lol had 2 its a ic)

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    Am I the only person that thinks Rewind from Vitiligo is a great song and definitely one of Krizz's best? Other than that I love Buku, Get Off, Happy Birthday, Anxiety, and his parts in other songs like Dysfunctional and Far Away.

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