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Thread: Jay Rock working on new album (Video)

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    Jay Rock working on new album (Video)

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    Nice. Follow Me Home was a great album, hopefully he can pull off another solid album.

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    Dope can't wait.....haaa peeps gonna be all mad on this site" why didnt he rep strange music bleh"

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    I want that shirt.

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    Ab-Soul > any artist that bitch listed

    That's pretty absurd to me how she forgot to mention one of the, if not THE, dopest cat holding it down for the west coast today. Thankfully Jay Rock came through solid with the shout out plugging his album. Back to topic, Jay Rock has a very bright future ahead of himself with or without Strange Music. I've heard that he's resigned for a few more LP's so that's definitely a plus, however, I'd definitely support him as an emcee wherever his business endeavors took him regardless. I'll be checking back for any new info on his next project as it's released.

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    this. Enjoyed that album very much.

    Quote Originally Posted by HipHopFan

    Nice. Follow Me Home was a great album, hopefully he can pull off another solid album.

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    wonder why he didnt even say anything about STRANGE thought that was a lil weird

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    That's the first thing I thought too lol.

    Quote Originally Posted by James Franco

    I want that shirt.

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