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Thread: Any Rappers Intrested In Helping??

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    Any Rappers Intrested In Helping??

    I am currently looking for people to help me with 2 unfinished tracks i have produced.

    they are very RnB and mellow compared to the more raw hiphop most people do however have a listen and see what you think. Your very welcome to record verse and send them me afterwords as im looking to see who suits the tracks best.

    Love In Numbers
    Tempo: 93bpm
    {Vocals: David Lee, Production: Chris Martin}


    NOTE: You are welcome to do more then one verse on this track if you want. A few other people have wrote to it but know one is confirmed as im seeing who suits it best. I personally think it would be good if the verses reflected the chorus by using alot of numbers in word references. Just a thought tho.

    Peace Of Mind
    Tempo: 91bpm
    {Vocals and Production: Chris martin}


    NOTE: This is just a verse and chorus i recorded as soon as i made the beat. If your liking it then feel free to do something.

    Tell me what you think, drop me an email, or add me on msn/myspace with your opinions or if you want to be on them.

    Kind Regards
    Chris Martin

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    im really diggin the piece of mind track homie.NICE FUCKIN WORK!!!!

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    it says file not found, i wanna get on this main

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