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Thread: Jarren Benton? New FV artist.

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    Jarren Benton? New FV artist.

    I haven't seen anyone post anything about this yet so thought id start something up myself. What's everyone's opinion on the new FV artist Jarren Benton? Im personally digging his , although it's only early days and being i have only heard 2 songs of his it's still hard to tell thuss far in, but ill put myself out there and say good call on FV for signing him.

    On a side note he would suit Odd Future more lol.

    If anyone knows how to post video links feel free to post one up!

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    I'm diggin him

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    im listening to my first jarren benton song and he reminds me of danny brown

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    Although I find this song pretty ill, I'll still have to find and listen through more of his work to make a final judgement. I really hope with the talent displayed within this track that he doesn't turn out to be another rapper who contains no further depth or substance. Even as legit as that single may have sounded, there's nobody who can deny that particular gets old very quickly.

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    I think he's interesting he can spit great and I cant wait for what else he got

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    I think hes dope

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    Shits tite

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    Is he on the Hopsin tour that's going on?

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    i'm not blown away by any means.

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    listen to billion bucks with rittz. i posted it like a month ago on here and no one gave a shit

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