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Thread: MIMS Ft. TECH N9NE

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    what do you people think of this song? me personally i think its raw as and mims killed it

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    not a fan of this song in general. I cant help thinkin is mims serious? I cant get into this...

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    its dope, tech fans usually dnt like anybody mainsream,,haha
    not all tho,

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    not that i dont like mainstreem music. This music makes me yawn thats all. Mims flow is 6th grade status. The hook is overall awful. Techs flow comes in an puts mims to the other 3/4 of the song to shame. Dont get me wrong, im happy to see tech on a mainstreem rapper's album. To each his own i guess.

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    The only way I can listen to the song it to skip right to Tech's part. I think I listened to Mims part once or maybe twice.. it was awful. It was an interesting concept, but the execution by Mims was just awful.

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    Mims is okay, it took me about 10 times before i could get through the track but, if you haven't bumped this shit in your ride i suggest you do, straight slaps!!

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    on this video tech said he had a track with MIMS for a mixtape as well as this one.

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    I like the concept of this song and Techs verse, but Mims verse could almost be ified as spoken word. Garbage.

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