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    Matic Lee

    I've really started to like this guy. I only have like 5 songs though. Anyone wanna hook me up with some uploads.
    I know he did beats for sickology. and I heard something about his album being called D.O.A.
    I need some more info though if anyone knows.

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    search for him on myspace. He's on there.

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    D.O.A. isn't out yet.

    He has an album with his friend, Ivan, up on iTunes called The Gun Club.
    He also had a group with an old friend of his called Duces Wild.
    He had an album called Infinity, and a short EP called Back From Hell which is a compilation of unreleased tracks.

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    he's the shit... infinity was a free download, you coulp prob still find it heres some dope shit you might not have

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