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Thread: TECH interview with the Deal

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    TECH interview with the Deal

    For those of you who havent seen it, its right on the front page of the site here. But a quick question for those that have. If you listen closely at the end, the guy interviewing Tech asks him if he is gonna spit later on the show. Tech agrees and says something about doing it to any beat they put up, and then the guy says when "we come back, we have tech". And then it ends, and I cant find any part 2s ar anything that have him rapping. WTF?

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    thats what im sayin i wanted to hear that shit

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    I watched it when it was on TV and I can't believe that they have the deal at like 3 in the mornin. lol. but he spit a verse off of why you ain't call me. the one where hes talkin about hov and em and shit. he spit it to some beat that diamond cutts played.

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    you guys didnt miss out on much, just why you aint call me on a different beat

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    lol I heard it when it aired crazy they left it out for the site to hear..maybe due to copyrights for the beats to be placed publicly wit tech over em...just a guess I'm not sure tho.

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