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Thread: Any Seattle producers on here?

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    Any Seattle producers on here?


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    N E body?

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    I aint from Seattle, but I'm from Tacoma. My beats are free, just hit me up.

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    My producer makes the best beats in the city, hands down. 100% organic, neither I nor him believe in sampling (for the most part),The question is, are you willing to pay? They ain't pricey, but the only way to get on one without dropping some dough is by getting on it with me. If you illy enough I'm always down for a local collabo...Lake City Seattle born and raised. Lemme hear whatcyu working with and maybe we can arrange sumthin. Much love

    This is some of his much older material, back from high school. Unfortunately it's the only shit online that I can show you, but you'll love it anyway.

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