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Thread: RoCk The Bells 09 at Jones Beach WHAT DID Ya'll Think

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    RoCk The Bells 09 at Jones Beach WHAT DID Ya'll Think

    jus wonderin who went.. and what did ya'll think? what ya'll think about Tech's Set? and Other shit?

    i though tech was dealt a rough time spot.. he went on at 2 nobody was really there yet.. i though his set was alright for what it was. ppl seemed to be head boppin lol.

    other problems i thought was the order they put ppl on.. the paid and dues stage was all fucked up.. my girl wanted to see necro on the second stage and they pushed his time back so i ended up missing talib & hi tek. waited hadda sit threw eyedea and ablitiles (who are horribe) & Psycho Realm (pretty good) but i ended up missing common too because necro finally came on. they need to get the set list as right as possible that shit made me so mad

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    Yeah - I thought RTB at Jones Beach was a clusterfuck. The Paid Dues stage was a mess as far as the order went. I thought Tech and LCN went on waaaaay too early on the main stage, although both were fire! They should have just done 2 stages where the PD stage was and the show would have been incredible. Also, WHY Long Island for the "NYC" show??? Ridiculous!

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    im jonesen for a beach i live in nebraska i wish i kud hav been there!

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    yeah i agree tech went on way too early not many ppl were even there at that time
    but i definitely repped for strange i was standing up the whole time screaming and shit for every song and this was the first rap concert ive ever been to and it was the craziest experience cause i actually got to meet 10 artists who performed
    including tech, kaliko and calhoun which was the best and took a pic with them too
    if tech went on later around like 5 i think that wouldve been the best time cause more ppl wouldve been exposed to tech n9ne and how nasty he really is
    the 3 best performances in order were nas/damian marley, tech n9ne, then slaughterhouse
    but overall the concert was fucking SICKKK

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    I went to the show in Baltimore and they put Tech on at 4ish.I mean there were alot of people but most of them were at the Paid Dues stage. Tech killed it regardless

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