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Thread: all the killing in kansas city

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    all the killing in kansas city

    hey tech what do u think about all this killing going on i would like to invite you to a event about all these murders in kansas city please hit me back about this . i have a nonprofit organizations called justice done im about helping murder family and speaking out about crime in kansas city. would love if you can donate your time to speak to our youth they do look up to you and this help get a point across to them.
    please help us out and donate you time on august 15, 2009 at 12 noon 4pm would love to see u there.
    at oak grove park ne 76th st and n troost. gladstone, mo. please call me at (816) 756-4991. thanks maudia marchbanks tell my cuz melvin hi and we just had another death in the family.

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    i lost 2 cousins in less than 2 months (recently) in kc its crazy down there now.

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    i have lost 4 member i have a group called justice done we will be having a ralley on august 15,2009 at oak grove park please come out the address is NE 76th st and N Troost gladstone, mo 64118. please come and bring you love one's with you.

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    People just dont have an appreciation for life, theyre so quick to kill someone over something petty, i dont get it. My heart goes out to all the victims families.

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    its crazy out here but im trying to do some thing come out to the justice done ralley august 15,2009 lets stand for a change.

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    damn. I'm sorry for the victims and their families.

    maudia if you really want to get a hold of tech for something like this you should hit up his the people on this site.

    General Comments / Questions

    Mark Reifsteck - Representative Agent
    Travis O'Guin - Manager

    Strange Music
    PO Box 1114
    Blue Springs, MO 64013
    Phone: (816) 229-4700
    Fax: (816) 229-4741

    or you could try his twitter or myspace. I hope you can get tech to help you guys out down there in KC.

    good luck for real. hes a busy man, but who knows.

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